IND Construction

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3D Models

IND believes in using innovative technologies to provide clients the best options for their home construction. 3D modeling can simulate potential designs, help estimate costs, and allow you to visualize your dream home. Our 3D blueprints are a key to our success with our clients, from design to buildout.

3D Models of Your House

As the project continues to grow, 3D modeling will ensure the construction is on track and conforms to your vision. Your expectations are critical to us. Please call our team to start your project today and make your dream home a reality.

Our IND Design team will work with you and your family to develop your plan. 3D modeling technology allows architects, engineers and stakeholders to speak the same language, as you walk through this virtual model of your home. We know that once you see your vision come to life, you will get excited about what lies ahead. IND prides itself on open communication and creating homes that our clients love to share with family and friends.

Interior Design
Project Management

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