IND Construction

Lic# 937833

About Us

At IND construction, we believe that the home is where your heart lives.

We do more than construct homes, we have a commitment to care, excellent design, and beauty. Our dedication comes from a desire to rewrite the narrative and to change our clients’ perceptions of construction and contractors. The industry has a variety of well-intended professionals who at times may not deliver what clients want – which is something we strive to change. Because this is our driving force, we believe in going the extra mile, from our innovative designs to our hands-on approach throughout our building process.

As a full-service professional company, we specialize in new home construction, remodeling work, and everything in between.

Our commitment is to preserve the origins of the structure, integrated with our specialized interior designs. For the last 14 years, our company has experienced great growth and that is because of our former clients, who are sharing our work with their friends and family. The team at IND is passionate about building and we strive for excellence no matter how big or small our project may be. Our quality and attention to detail makes us a premier builder.

IND operates with three primary pillars to our business:


Communication is at the forefront of all our project management. We place importance on making you a part of the building process.


We have been blessed to love what we do, and that’s why we do it best. It’s our honor to make your vision come true.


From initial planning to finishing touches, our attention to detail leaves no stone unturned, no matter how big or small your project may be.

We are proud to say that IND stands out among our peers and we believe that our team is the best in Los Angeles.

Thank you,
David and Eran

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