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Kids Room Decor – 8 Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

A kid’s room is one of the places in a home where homeowners can have great fun with their creative imaginations and interiors, which show your kids’ character, nature, and energy. There is a diverse market of innovative and colorful ideas out there for kid’s room renovations, for you and your children to choose from. It is always a sensible approach to consider all perspectives regarding your space such as the size of the room, space availability to accommodate your kid’s belongings, and already available flooring, etc. before buying any kind of furniture or painting walls.
This article will show you multiple options for large as well as small kid’s spaces to renovate where you can place all your kid’s belongings. Also, we make sure that our recommended ideas will help you to create a playful as well as a calm environment at the same place where your kids can play and sleep peacefully. As a kid’s room is something very important to them because it is their escape, a place where they will get educated and grow into adults. Therefore, Parents need to continuously change their kid’s room décor and surroundings, as with the growing age of kids, each stage has different requirements e.g. space for playing and hanging out with friends, sleeping and doing homework, etc. So, let’s get started.

1. Use Curtains To Cover The Mess

The kid’s room is the place that is not only used by your children to sleep and relax but also it is used by them to play with their toys and creative thoughts. Therefore, kids always have a lot of playing stuff in their rooms. It is very important to have a complete storage space in your kid’s room otherwise the room will always look messy and dirty. But, here comes the challenge when you have a small bedroom for your kids and it seems very difficult to incorporate storage racks. One of the simplest and low-cost ways to deal with this matter is to install racks on one of your walls and instead of covering it with heavy wooden doors, just simply add a curtain in front of it. With this addition, your children can not only display their toys proudly but also they can reach for their toys so easily. And also, at the time of sleep, they can simply shift all their belongings onto those shelves and cover them with a curtain which will give a very clean, neat, calm and peaceful environment to the room to have a good bedtime.

2. Space-Saving Window Seat

If your kid’s room has a window, it is a big advantage for you. As you can build a compact seating area to play, read or relax along with the window side. The best thing about this seating area is that it is on one side of the room and does not intervene with other bedroom décor ideas and yet your kids will have a completely cozy and separate seating place to chill and hang out. In order to make this place more useful, we recommend adding lots of cushions to make your kid’s seating comfortable and also built-in storage boxes beneath the seating place so that your kids have enough place to put their toys and other belongings in it. You can use multiple bright or light colors as per your kid’s choice for these cushions and storage boxes, as these colors of your kid’s choice will encourage them to place their things in place. This is true that kids react very well to their favorite colors.

3. Fun Wallpapers

Wallpapers are in trend for years and are available in multiple types now e.g. fixed, removable, waterproof, etc. the most useful type which is in preference nowadays is removable waterproof wallpapers. As you can put removable wallpapers which can be easily removed whenever needed and your wall beneath it will not be affected by it. Also, the addition of a waterproof feature is a very practical choice especially in kids’ rooms because kids play with multiple kinds of playing stuff including watery paints, etc. which otherwise would destroy your walls permanently. In addition, Putting wallpapers on is an amazing way to give an exciting, colorful, and charming environment to the room. Parents now can choose from a wide variety of wallpapers available in the market as per their kid’s choice. Some kids are more into bright and mixed rainbow colors while some like calm and soothing colors. Looking at your kid’s personality, parents can also put wallpapers of their favorite characters, animals, or cars, in short, you can add and put on walls whatever makes your kid feel welcomed and excited in their room.

4. Add Small Furniture And Fixtures

One of the best ways to keep your kid’s room decorated and updated is to choose the right furniture and fixtures in the very first place. As furniture plays a very vital role in the overall presentation of the room space therefore we recommend using your kid’s furniture till the last minute of it. For example, there are many cots available in the market that can be converted into a bed when needed and there is no such major difference in size compared to a kid’s standard single bed. Furniture size especially bed and cupboards depends on the individual kid’s growth but this is true that your child does not need a full-size bed and cupboard until they are around their primary schooling. Therefore we strongly recommend parents that try to renovate your kid’s rooms with small furniture items so that they will have more floor space as long as possible.

5. Color Scheme

The very first step while renovating the kid’s room is to decide on the color scheme. As every parent wants the color arrangements of their child’s room to reflect the taste and personality of their kid. The decision for color scheme becomes difficult as with the growing age, kid’s choices get changed every while but this is not possible for parents to change their room’s color patterns after every while. Therefore the decision needs to be as per the kid’s choice and also long-lasting. In recent trends, parents are moving towards more colorful schemes instead of specific pinks or blues. As specific colors are for very short term and the kid gets bored and tired with it in a very short time. While mixed colored and mostly light-colored scheme with soothing and calm effects is a long-term choice as these neutral colors give a peaceful feel to your kids for a very long term.

6. Display Of Their Favorite Books

Books always give so much color and charming appearance to any place. There is a famous saying that if you have books displayed in your room then you have glowing décor in your room. And what is more colorful and adorable then children’s books? Therefore we always recommend to put your kid’s books to display instead of putting them in drawers or closed storage spaces. Instead of closed storage boxes, just put open storage shelves on the walls to display their books on those shelves. These open shelves will also make it easier for your kids to get one at bedtime.

7. Space For Two

Renovating a shared bedroom is always a complex task to do especially when your kids are grown up and have the ability to choose from a vide variety of decors and colors available in the market. The best solution in this scenario is to accommodate both kid’s choices and preferences a little bit. This is possible when you add furniture, storage racks, shelves, and reading table of neutral colors and put cushions and rugs of your both kid’s choices. We recommend parents to accommodate each kid’s color and fixture preference and make sure that each kid has their designated space so that they can have their personal space and comfort to relax, play and rest.

8. It’s All About The Ceiling

The ceiling is the most underrated surface when it comes to the renovation or designing of your kid’s room but it plays a very vital role in the overall look of the room. Glowing stars on the ceiling is an old way to decorate your kid’s space but now there are multiple options available in the market. If you have chosen a neutral color scheme for your kid’s furniture and fixture then a bright shade ceiling with neutral walls will be a great choice to go with. In case of color change in the future you can simply change the ceiling color to some other bright color to have a changed look and keep the other walls the same.

In the article above we have highlighted a few easy-on-the-pocket and easy-to-do decors for your kid’s room. IND Construction has experience of years in dealing with such projects with multiple requirements and budgets. If you are planning to design your kid’s room from scratch or planning to renovate it all over again, then IND Construction is the best choice to discuss your imagination with. As we can convert your imagination and creative thoughts into reality as per your budget.

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