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7 Amazing Roof Designing Ideas 2023

The roof is considered one of the most important and noticeable parts of any constructed place and is called the heart of your place whether it’s an office, a home, a hotel, a restaurant, or any other constructed place. Both the reliability of the constructed area and the look depends on the design and construction material used to build the rooftop. It doesn’t matter that either you are building a totally new roof or renovating an old one that is no longer fulfilling its purpose, there are a number of factors that homeowners should keep in mind before deciding on the design and material for the rooftop. These factors include the style of the constructed place, the climate of the area, roof complexity, and the cost of different rooftop options. As there is a wide variety of roofing materials and designs available in the market to choose from.
In the article below, we will discuss multiple designs and material options for rooftops which will help homeowners to make a decision regarding the purchases and rooftop design. So, let’s get started!

1. Flat and Smooth Roof

A flat and plain roof always gives a simple and graceful look, and it holds the ability to make your house look more dynamic. It is always easy to construct and install a flat roof and these roofs are comparatively safer. In this modern world of interior and exterior designs, there are a number of options and designs available in the category of flat roofs that can convert your unique imagination into reality and can complement your sense of style such as built-up roofs or rubber membrane roofs, etc.
If you are planning to install a flat roof, then it is very important for the homeowners to make sure that their gutters and drainage systems are working properly. Also, homeowners should assure that while constructing a flat roof, there should be a slight slope. The only reason besides mentioned two points is to make sure that the rainwater can move easily through the slop towards the drainage gutters. If gutters are not clean or there is any negligence while constructing a slope, then there will be a huge mess in any event of water accumulation on the roof and homeowners will be under great stress. Therefore, we strongly recommend homeowners to stay in contact with professional contractors while building their homes and also with professional gutter cleaning companies every quarter so that their drainage system can stay clear from any kind of obstructions.

2. Gable Roof

The gable roof was not so popular in the past years, but it is now gaining popularity in recent years and has now been the most in-demand roof in the last few years. The basic idea of a gable roof includes two slope sides that combine at the top making a peak-shaped top center. A Gable roof is also known as a pitched roof and is easily recognized by its triangular shape. There are multiple varieties of Gable roofs available in the market in terms of shapes and colors which can change the overall outer as well as interior look of your house. We are highlighting three major types of Gable Roof designs for your understanding.

  • Front Gable:
    The front gable is becoming very popular day by day. The mentioned roof structure is basically a design in which the gable is placed at the front side of the house (triangular-shaped front look) with the main door exactly under the gable.
  • Box Gable Roof:
    A box gable roof consists of two triangular extensions at each end of the roof which makes it a little different from the basic gable idea otherwise it is almost similar to the basic design.
  • Gable roof with shed:
    This type is most popular among homeowners who wish to extend their constructed area without disturbing the overall home’s roof structure. This is possible in gable roofs with shed design, where homeowners can simply add an extension of a shed roof to an already existing gable roof and can increase their headroom and overall space.

3. Rubber Rooftop

Rubber has been in trend for many years now, but rubber roofing is totally new in the roofing market. The reason besides this is that it took great chemistry research to develop a very thin membrane of rubber that is more durable and waterproof in nature so that it can get easily fixed over the rooftop. These rubber membranes are mostly used to perfectly close or seal the flat roofs over the porch or garage area. Rubber roofing is more useful for flat or slightly sloped rooftops in both residential and commercial buildings. The mentioned roofing material basically consists of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) material which is a highly developed and engineered compound. Because of the involvement of this material, rubber roofing is also referred to as EPDM Roofing sometimes.

4. Butterfly Roof Design

A butterfly roof is a game changer in the interior as well as the exterior design world. The idea of a butterfly roof includes two slopes that are directed towards the middle making the shape of an open book or butterfly wings and making a deep dip or valley in the middle. This design is exactly the opposite of the Gable roof design. The mentioned design is normally used to collect rainwater but, the major misconception that comes along with this idea is that there is no proper drainage system that allows the cumulative water to drain out. We would like to clear this misconception here, as there is nothing like that, and in this dip-created design, the center of the roof is angled in such a way that when water gets accumulated in the dip it is automatically directed through that angle toward the drainage system. And, in case of insignificant angles or slopes, the contractors install crickets and saddles to encourage proper drainage of water.

5. Clay and Concrete Tile Roofing

Clay and Concrete tile roofing are suitable for almost all kinds of architectural structures. Clay and concrete are mostly installed together, the reason behind this is that they both have the same installation requirements. No matter whether you use concrete or clay as a shaping material, the end product will be a roofing tile which is designed in such a way that it can interlock with adjoining tiles. These roofing tiles are more useful in areas with hot temperatures and are less suitable for areas with high rainfall and freezing temperatures.

6. Patio Rooftop

A patio is a place where you can chill and hang out with your family and friends. In the modern era of the interior and exterior design world, a patio rooftop is in trend nowadays because of the contemporary and approachable look they present to the third eye. More people are now converting their rooftops into patios or in other words into cozy and welcoming seating areas/living rooms and making the best use of their roofs. It is not at all difficult to make this conversion as you simply just have to cover the roof with bricks which can make it easy and gives you enough space to put furniture and other fixtures. Also, it gives an opportunity to the homeowners to decorate their patio rooftop with multiple plants and other interiors as well as exterior decorative items.

7. Green Rooftop

As we all know that earth is in poor condition and the environment around us is deteriorating day by day. It is becoming difficult to make our environment greener because of the increased population, traffic, roads, and building infrastructure. But there are still some small efforts that homeowners can put forward on a personal basis to make their surroundings cleaner and greener. One way to achieve this is the installation of a green rooftop in your house. Installing proper grass, and plants, and in some cases, if you have huge roof space available then plants of fruits and vegetables can not only give a fresh and lively look to your house, but it can also protect your home from various pollutants and will make your home surrounding more breathable. But, in order to make a planted or greener rooftop, homeowners should plan it wisely with the contractors or designers as a proper water system is required to make it work in the right manner. Also, it should be planned in such a way that it doesn’t result in the blockage of the overall drainage system of the house.

In the article above, we have highlighted a few roof designs and roofing material options but there are so many others to choose from. IND Construction is a full-time roofing contractor and has experience in all kinds of roofing renovations whether it is just a service of roof maintenance or new roof installation or roof replacement, IND Construction can provide all kinds of roofing services. We always ensure quality services with excellent customer service and ensure to provide a good, durable, and long-lasting roof over your head.

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Henry Killingsworth
9 months ago

It was interesting to me when you explained that the gable roofing style has been gaining popularity in recent years. When hiring a roofer, it seems like it would be a good idea to find one that is knowledgeable in the latest design trends. It seems like you would want to follow the latest roofing trends so that your home can be worth more money.

9 months ago

This post is very informative. We are looking to get our roof re-done and are trying to get everything in order beforehand. We heard that you may have to <a href=””>rent a dumpster</a> for the roofers. Is that true or do they typically provide one themselves?

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