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8 Ideas To Make Your Small Living Room More Spacious

From our below small living room ideas, you can take inspiration and make your living area a more cheerful, cozy, welcoming, and pleasant space to sit and relax no matter what the size of your living area is. There is a wide variety of color schemes, wallpaper ideas, furniture options, TV Set ideas, and much more for your living room available in the market from which you can choose as per your choice and can convert your place into something you love being a part of. Renovating a space is very overwhelming sometimes especially when you are dealing with a small and tight space. It is always recommended that before going into stuff buying, homeowners should analyze and make a proper design outlet after considering all the factors such as who is going to use the space, how much the foot traffic is, at what times this place will be most utilized, etc. Then, moving further the next step is to think about the design and interior outline which you want to add-in to your space. Before hiring any professional interior designer, make your workings complete regarding the budget availability and design outlet so that you can clearly convey your points to the designer, and they can convert your imagination into reality without wasting any time.
In the article below, we are highlighting a few ideas which will polish your imaginations and thoughts regarding small living room décor ideas, and with these amazing recommendations, you will be able to convert your messy and confined space into a more cozy and pleasant area without any doubt. So let’s get started.

1. Furniture with legs

If you are looking for designs and schemes to make your living room look spacious and bigger then as per the recent trends and recommendations from most interior designers, homeowners should go with furniture with legs that are raised above the ground. Furniture with legs above the ground gives a sense of openness and even the tight spaces start to look more airy and vast. As per one of the famous designers, the more visibility in a room, the bigger the room will look.
It is not at all difficult to look out for such furniture as many couches, chairs, cabinets, tables, etc. are available in the market with legs raised above the floor and keep your ground on show.

2. Living Room with a Fireplace

A fireplace in a living room always gives a very cozy and warm atmosphere, no matter what the size of your living room is. It is a very classy choice to install and decorate your living area with a fireside and all of the above, a stylish and elegant fireplace never goes out of fashion and is always in trend. Having a fireside in your living area always gives an intimate and welcoming appearance to you and your family and encourages a healthy atmosphere to sit together and hang out. Some homeowners get conscious that a real fire may not be eco-friendly then there is nothing to worry about, as there are now a number of eco-friendly fire pits available in the market such as an electric fire pit etc.

3. Cut the Clutter

Decluttering is the basic key to giving any space the illusion of a bigger area. It can actually give a wider look to any space in seconds. When we talk about small living rooms, then it is very important to keep them tidy and arranged by minimizing toys, big decorative items, and other unnecessary fixtures from your living area. Once done, you will be surprised that your close and tight area will start giving the appearance of a more breathable and big lounge space. In order to give some decorative sense to your living room, we recommend placing small fancy and decorative stuff which is well arranged and neatly placed so that it gives an orderly, tidy, neat, and wide-open look with a touch of fancy and decorative sense to your living room. Also, it is very important to make your floor clear as much as possible because a visible floor or ground area also gives a look of spaciousness and a sense of openness, therefore it is recommended to remove all unorganized and oversized rugs from your small living rooms.

4. Light up your Living Room

Bright lights also play a very important role in shining up a space instantly. Therefore, in order to make your small living room look more shiny and pleasant, allow natural day and sunlight to enter your space by removing dark and heavy curtains from your windows. We recommend keeping your curtains and windows light by installing sheer window curtains or white blinds so that natural light can easily flow inside the living room throughout the day. These window curtains and blinds are not see-through and provide full nighttime privacy to your space. Also, a set of lamps that throws light of any elegant color, most preferable are the lamps throwing white light installed to any bare corner will give a sense of a spacious living area. Lamps are also a better choice, but interior designers mostly recommend recessed ceiling lights which can give a wider and brighter look without taking up much floor space.

5. Install Mirrors to expand your space

It is an old trick to use mirrors to give an expanded look to any area. Mirrors are still in trend and used by many interior designers to design a small and tight space. So, when we talk about decorating a small living room, then we can definitely add mirrors and glass to give it a bigger look. Installing a mirror on the wall opposite the window of your living room or on any wall near the window can reflect the outer area and will definitely give a broader picture of your living room. Mirrors throw back natural as well as artificial light deep into the room during the day and nighttime which makes your space look bright every time. There are many other options to involve mirrors or glass in your living room such as you can put glass tabletops or glass doors on your cabinets which will give a tidy, large, uncluttered, and open look to your living room.

6. Put Furniture away from the walls

Generally, homeowners keep their furniture like sofas and chairs attached to the walls with the concept that by doing so they will have a large middle space. This is a big misconception and as per the latest trends and ideas of interior designing, as much as you push the furniture along with the walls the more mismanaged look your living room will provide. If you want to give your living room a more breathable appearance, then it is important to leave some gaps between your walls and furnishings. It is not necessary to pull your furniture with a gap of feet, but just a gap of a few inches can make your living room look bigger and more spacious.

7. Hanging Art in Living Room

While designing a small living room wall, most homeowners consider that bigger and more is better. But in reality, and as per the latest trends of interior design, walls that are covered with more hangings, paintings, or pictures tend to make your living room more closed, busy, and cramped looking. While on the other hand if you place only one or two large wall hangings or paintings then it gives a wider and more spacious look to your living area. Also, another point to consider while decorating a wall is to hang your wall paintings or pictures not so high. As high hung frames will only bring out the imbalance between the wall, living room furniture, and wall frames. Therefore, it is recommended to install your hangings and frames just a little above your couch or at eye level. Doing so will definitely give a wider appearance to your living area.

8. Combine two Rooms

If you are lucky enough to have a large rectangular room consisting of a living room and dining area, then you can simply make your space wider by combining both spaces. By combining, we mean to add a small hanging stone partition that is not a separator but gives a little vibe of separation and distinguishes the two rooms from one another. To make it a single unit at the same time, select the same color scheme for walls and furniture for both rooms. By doing so, you will not only make your living room look bigger, but your dining room will also appear to be spacious. For example, link both rooms by putting neutral-colored furniture with a navy-blue color scheme on the walls of the dining room as well as on the walls of the living room and make both rooms look united and wider.

We have highlighted a few changes that are easy to install and are available under multiple budget options. IND Construction has experience with multiple projects in which they have handed over a completely renovated living room to homeowners no matter what the size of the area is. Either it is big or small. If you are looking for someone to guide you through your living room renovation journey, then IND Construction is the best option to go with. Our team of experts will be available from your planning stage to the execution stage with you.

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