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10 Common mistakes to avoid while remodeling your house

Are you planning for your home remodeling? It is always very exciting when you are planning to renovate your house or when it is done. But the major part after planning is the actual execution of your plan in which you start to deal with contractors, architects, subcontractors, dust, and noise. A single mistake while executing can easily convert your exciting process into a stressful activity. Some of the reconstruction mistakes are out of your control but, as a homeowner, you can do much more than you think to avoid major renovation mistakes.
Home renovation always comes up with the stress of budgeting, planning, execution and with the pressure of turning out your renovation plan to be a successful implementation. In order to make your experience pleasant, you should be aware of the most common mistakes which usually homeowners and contractors make. Much can go wrong from setting up an unrealistic budget to appointing the wrong contractor if you do not plan well for your home remodeling.

Below are the 10 most common mistakes which you should avoid while renovating your home:

1. Unrealistic Budget

Setting up a budget for the home renovation is the first and very important step before starting the execution. This step involves listing down each and everything from accessories, material mobilization expenses, labor costs, furniture, and much more which needs to be incorporated while remodeling your space. If you underestimate your budget at the start, then it is highly possible that you will be stuck with a shortage of funds to buy necessary supplies or pay the daily labor wages in the middle of your renovation process. On the other hand, if the budget calculations are settled on the higher side at the start, then it is more likely that you will waste most of your money on irrelevant items and materials because with the overestimated budget it will be considered that you have a lot pending to spend as per your budget calculations. Therefore, it is recommended to work with a relevant home remodeling professional while setting up a budget and always make sure that you have added at least a 10% to 15% margin for miscellaneous expenses as there will be a lot of surprises when actual execution will start.

2. Selection of Contractor

Your selected home remodeling contractor will have an important impact on your project. One of the major mistakes that most people make while selecting a contractor is that they choose the very first contractor they come across. All contractors have different visions, some are detail-oriented while some just want to get the job done as soon as possible. Therefore, in order to get the best renovation results it is recommended to take your time to select the best-suited contractor. Do proper background checks and ask for the sample work already done to get an idea of the contractor’s work quality. You can also ask your contractor to share a few of their client contacts so that you can double-check their executed projects. If any contractor hesitates to provide these details, then this is a red flag to back out and go for other options. Also, verify the license and other insurance documents before finalizing the contractor.

3. Mandatory Permits

It is essential and very important to get the necessary permits to start home remodeling whether it is a project of a bigger scale or smaller scale. Never be too quick to start the renovation process without getting enough information on the required documentation, if you do so then it is possible that you will get stuck into legal obligations which will cost you a high amount of money in the form of fines and penalties and your excitement will go all in vain. If you do not have enough information on necessary permits in your area, then it is recommended to work with a qualified and professional local home remodeling contractor who can guide you with the necessary permits for your area before execution.

4. Purchase of Appliances at the End

One of the biggest mistakes which homeowners make is the late purchase of appliances for the places where these gadgets need to be fitted in such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is always a smarter move while remodeling your space to select your appliances first and then construct your dimensions and cabinet layouts according to the size and shape of those appliances. If you first reconstruct your space and then go for the purchase of fitting, then you are left with only a few specific options as per your already constructed area. But if you want to choose from a wide variety available out there then you should choose your appliances and gadgets firsts and then go for the re-construction according to the size and shape of those fittings.

5. Purchase of Cheap materials

“The sour taste of cheap quality lasts longer than the delightful taste of cheap price” keep this quote always in your heart while setting up your budget for house remodeling. It is very exciting at the start of the project to go for the low-price materials, but low price mostly comes up with a compromise on quality. Therefore, it is very important to select your renovation material with a keen eye so that there will be no compromise in quality. If your priority is to reduce the cost, then it is better to cut it from the areas which will have less impact on the overall renovation design. Don’t go for the cost cut from the areas which have a visible and staying impact on your design.

6. Selection of Wrong Architectural Elements

The most common architectural home elements you will choose while home remodeling are your doors, floors, and windows. These materials are usually installed one time and it is not easy to replace them after every while. Therefore, it is very important to invest in high-quality materials. Also, the color and design of these items should be selected while keeping in mind the overall other renovation color scheme so that these items can go best suited with the overall interior and exterior renovation design.

7. Select Wisely, Not Just Trendy 

It is very common to go for home decor designs which are trending in today’s time. But the wisest decision is to go for timeless colors and designs that can make you love your place even after 10 years of renovation. Wall colors and carpets are easily replaceable with the changing trends, but it is very costly and time taking to replace hard surfaces such as floor marble, window items, and kitchen cabinets with every trend. Therefore, it is recommended to keep in mind the current trends as well as the designs and colors that are timeless and always in trend.

8. Incorrect Measurements

Before starting the actual execution of the home renovation project, it is very important to measure every corner of your space accurately. Any incorrect measurement can cost you a lot of extra money and can result in a lot of stress. Mistakes of even an inch can result in under or over-purchasing of renovation material, purchase of inappropriate size of appliances, etc. therefore, it is a wise practice to measure your space multiple times before ordering any materials or appliances to get accurate and actual estimations.

9. Appearance shouldn’t be the priority

Most people just focus on appearance only when planning to renovate their space, while it is very important to accommodate every aspect. Such as hard structural issues, strong foundations, drainage problems, electrical issues, etc. If homeowners go with the good quality marble or tiles for the washroom renovation but don’t focus on the replacement of the pipes, then there are higher chances that any issue with pipes in the future can result in tearing up your newly renovated bathroom. Focusing on other details can help you to avoid potential issues and extra repair work in the coming years. Homeowners should get most of the outcome from their renovation investment by investing more in details and good quality materials.

10. Ignoring the safety issues

Last but not the least, it is very important to be well aware of all the safety requirements which are essential in order to carry out home remodeling safely. Any careless behavior in this aspect can result in minor as well as serious injuries which will ultimately lead to financial as well as non-financial costs. Homeowners should discuss in detail with their contractors the emergency strategy in case of any such event so that everyone is well prepared. Contractors and clients both should never compromise on safety gadgets such as safety shoes, goggles, safety gloves, etc.

As you are well aware now that how to avoid home remodeling mistakes. You can follow the above guide and for further clarifications, you can contact IND construction. We have a team of expert contractors and architects who can make your renovation plan smooth and as per the look you desire. Also, our team is well experienced in offering more innovative ideas to make sure that you will have a great experience within your budget and time frame.

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