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10 ways to make your house more energy-efficient

In current times, everyone is looking out for ways that are more energy efficient in daily life. In reality, because of the increasingly adverse effects on the environment, everyone is trying to do anything or everything to preserve energy. Conserving energy can also help people to save money.
Places, which are designed more energy efficient not only help in preserving energy but also help in the reduction of adverse gas emissions and result in a decrease in demand for un-replenishable materials.
If you are looking to build an energy-efficient space then there are a number of features that need to be taken into consideration. In current advanced times, it is now not impossible nor too heavy on your pocket to conserve energy. Also, with the application of a few energy-efficient features, you can make yourself able to save money throughout the year.

Power-saving investments are not only for a few people but for everyone. We are highlighting 10 different ways to make your space more power efficient including very minor investments and a few with little more investments as well.

1. Energy-Efficient Audit

In order to verify the energy efficiency of your space, the best way is to book an appointment with Energy Auditors. These auditors have all the necessary equipment, tools, and skills to assess the power efficiency of your space. After evaluating, these auditors can recommend a number of low-cost as well as major or minor investments for you to install power-efficient tools. These audits also help homeowners to evaluate, which area of their space needs immediate attention.

2. Power Efficient Appliances

As per the continuous growth in technology our lives have become more dependent on the daily use of appliances. As outstanding as these machines or devices are, they consume a lot of energy. In the past few years, innovators have worked a lot in developing energy-efficient appliances. These appliances are designed in a way to consumes the least power to complete their function. If you are planning to buy any new power-consuming appliance such as a refrigerator, heater, washing machine, etc. then go for the item which has an energy-saving logo on it. Using these appliances allows you to save almost 30% – 40% on your monthly utility bills. Also, these appliances are very eco-friendly and minimize the misuse of many natural resources such as water and gas. Using energy-efficient appliances enables you to contribute to achieving a sustainable environment for the planet by living a more power-conscious life.

3. Avoid Over-Use of Appliances

Even after the purchase of Power-Efficient appliances, it is still not recommended to overuse these machines. It is also not suggested to overburden the sockets with many electrical appliances at one time as this will cause your machines to blow off and harm your appliances beyond repair. Also, try to avoid too much use of heaters or Air conditioners in specific seasons unless it is a must to use them. Moreover, instead of changing thermostats all the time, try to keep your temperature at a comfortable level. If you change the temperature every while then it will consume more energy than regular consumption. A major drawback of over-using electrical appliances includes the loss of power, and in the worst scenarios, it can result in fire due to a short circuit.

4. Switch-off un-used appliances

People usually do not care to shut off their gadgets when they are not in use. As there is normally no need for a desktop, microwave, and printer at night but if we keep them switched on even when not in use then they are still consuming a lot of energy. If you are planning to stay away from your home for a longer time period then switch off your refrigerator and geysers. Chargers of most wireless devices, laptops, and cell phones consume a lot of energy if they are plugged in but not charging up the devices. Therefore it is always recommended to shut off certain appliances which are turned on but not in use. These small practices eventually result in a lot of cost and energy savings by the end of the year.

5. Windows Replacement

Power efficiency is becoming a very crucial factor nowadays, especially with people’s growing interest in environmental concerns and with increased costs due to electricity. Your windows are one of the major reasons that can cause you to lose heat during winter weather and cool air during hot weather. This can also cause you higher energy costs over the whole year. Such old-fashioned windows are not suitable for current heat and air-conditioned environments. There are a lot of Upgraded styles of windows such as Double panel windows, Aluminum frames, Fiberglass, and Vinyl windows. Such window replacements can make you maintain your thermostats and thus result in power efficiency. For a quick and lower-cost solution, you can also consider tinting your windows so that less heat can come inside in summer, and in cold weather, you can simply put your blinds open for some extra heat.

6. LED Bulbs

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to fight environmental changes is shining just on your head. The bulbs you are using in your lounge, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in your home are one of the major power suckers. If you are still using the old category of bulbs then you are definitely costing yourself a lot of energy waste. This is the reason that people are now shifting towards LED bulbs. As this new technology gives bright light in less strength and therefore is beneficial on the overall cost of electricity bill. Also, this new technology lasts 10 times longer than the old-fashioned bulbs and saves you the cost of changing them from time to time. Most of the people are now using a mix of these bulbs i.e. a few of the latest technology and some of the old categories, but still, they are enjoying a major difference in their energy consumption.

7. Water Heating

One of the largest sources of energy consumption in homes is the water heating system. It contributes almost 25% to the monthly energy cost. Most of the hot water gets consumed in the bathroom, secondly in the kitchen, and thirdly in the laundry. Therefore, it is very important to choose an energy-efficient water heating system for your home. Luckily, inventors have now invented a number of highly power-efficient water heaters, heat pumps, solar water heaters, and tankless water heaters which results in very less power consumption and gives you a high benefit in energy saving.

8. Installation of Solar Panels

Solar panels are not an option for everyone as it requires a one-time major investment but looking at the long-term perspective, solar panels are a great option as it gives you a long-term cost benefit. Also, when you look at environmental factors, solar panels consume energy from natural sunlight and provide power to the connected area without emitting any harmful gases or materials into the environment. If you can afford it then the solar panel is a must investment for advanced energy-efficient homes.

9. Better Insulation

There are a number of loose points in your home which results in drainage of your home energy. An airtight and insulated space can prevent these leaks to flow inside or outside of the house. As per the department of Energy, it is estimated that 25% to 30% of the cool air or warm air in your house is lost via doors and windows. Therefore, in order to maintain your home temperature at a specific point, it is advisable to make your windows and doors better insulated or completely airtight so that in extreme temperatures your heaters or cooling systems don’t have to work hard.

10. Home Landscaping and Plantation

Great plantation around your home can also help to make your space energy efficient as these plants provide protection against intense sun rays in the summer season and makes it cool for the residents to live inside the home. Also, these plants protect against intense chilly winds in the winter season to enter your space. If your home is already insulated or if you are using highly power-efficient appliances for your home then this plantation will not play a much bigger role as your home is already blocking the external factors to disturb the internal temperature.

As you can analyze from the mentioned ways of making your home energy efficient, it is not at all difficult to take a few steps to start. The best part is, there are a number of options available with less as well as with higher investments which you can implement over time. You can easily choose one by one and make your surroundings better for your environment as well as for your pocket. If you are looking out for someone who can provide you with the best energy-efficient home ideas then IND Construction is the most reliable source to contact with. Our team of experts can deeply analyze your space and can recommend better plans accordingly.

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