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13 Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Look Outstanding

As we all know, the bathroom plays a very significant role in every place. Whether it’s a residential or a non-residential space. As it remains a basic component of every structure to have one. Therefore, it is very clear for every building to have its own bathroom design. Instead of being used daily, bathrooms are mostly overlooked when it comes to redesigning. This is maybe because of the high cost or trouble involved in the whole process. But now, looking at the top bathroom trends of 2022, it is as simple to renovate your bathroom area as putting some colors to the walls or adding ample plants. If you are considering complete bathroom remodeling or looking for some great bathroom designers then you are definitely at the right place.
We will list some outstanding bathroom ideas that you may consider. And, most importantly, our analysis will show in which areas these designs are best suited. In this way, you will be in a much better position to make the right selection for your space.

1. Add in Wooden-looking Tiles

In the past few years, bathroom trends are now changing and people are more interested in a naturalistic vibe. To accommodate these changing trends there will be more simple and aesthetic textures on the walls and floors. Natural wood is very difficult to manage and it may easily expand or shrink in an unmanaged environment. Therefore, Wooden-looking tiles are the best replacement for natural wood. Moreover, wooden-looking tiles are the perfect fit for all bathroom sizes and give a very vibrant and wide glance at the bathroom area.

2. White Marble with a Pop of color

White marble is an amazing stone for modern bathrooms. This material gives a stylish and graceful feel to any area. Also, white marbles are an excellent choice for small areas as it gives a more spacious and breathable look to any confined space. The white stone itself gives a very neutral look to the space. But, adding a dose of another neutral color like blush pink along with a light printed white stone gives the bathroom area a much more elegant and fresh vibe.

3. Black Marbles

The Darker, The Better – Black marbles are always a bold addition to your space when it comes to bathroom renovations. These can prevent your space from dull and plain interiors. Some may assume that adding black marble can result in a narrower look of the space while in actuality these dark marbles can add more depth and artistic appearance to the space. Adding neutral fixtures and light-toned accessories along with black bold tiles is a great place to start.

4. Patterned Tiles

Bathroom renovations in 2022 are more about colorful and bold experiences. Another amazing way to get a bathroom surrounding of your own choice is by putting in more patterned tiles on either a single wall or on all of the walls and floor. Printed tiles in shower cubicles and sink areas are more popular in 2022. If you want to go for a simple bathroom redesign, changing your tiles is an excellent way to go. You can choose from sharp colors to fun patterns and darker shades in all sizes and shapes. Patterned tiles are an excellent way to introduce a completely new makeover to your bathroom.

5. Bold Wallpapers

Adding wallpapers in the living room and kitchen has been in trend for years now, but have you ever imagined adding wallpaper in your bathroom area? If not, then 2022 is the year to think about it. Wallpapers are best suited for bathrooms due to their resistance to humidity and moisture. There are endless opportunities to decide while choosing a bathroom wallpaper renovation idea. Either you can choose a blooming pattern or you can go for a neutral-colored-themed design. This is an opportunity to get more creative with your choice of colors & themes to add some fun to your space.

6. Cotton Candy & Bubble Gum

One of the most trending Bathroom color combinations in 2022 that will make you smile is influenced by the sweetest things in life. Bathroom designs which include Cotton candy and Bubblegum colors give a very bright and vibrant look to the area. Also, these color combinations give you a much-needed energy boost that everyone is looking for in the morning.

7. Bathroom Garden

Life is much busier nowadays and everyone looks for some calmer bath times after a long tiring day. If you are considering renovating your bathroom area which does not require much renovation then simply think about this easy upgrade. You can easily make your bathroom much more alive and fresher by putting in some leafy houseplants and bringing it a touch of nature. Research has shown that placing green leafy plants in your home can have a very healthy impact on your mind and body. Also, plants help to reduce your anxiety and make you feel calmer.

8. Wet Rooms

Since the establishment of luxury bathroom ideas, bathtubs have always been in the spotlight. However, with the changing bathroom renovation ideas in 2022 showers and wet rooms are now the center of attention for everyone. A wet room is an unenclosed marbled bathing area that allows a larger shower space with several shower heads. A walk-in wet room gives a bathroom a more high-end and fashionable look. You can also install a skylight above the shower area which will give a much more natural spotlight on the shower space.

9. Home Spa

Lives are much more stressful nowadays and a Spa visit can make you feel more pampered and fresh-minded. This feeling of relaxation comes from a fresh and calm environment that is specially designed to help you escape from exhaustion and fatigue. You can now easily create this soothing environment in your own bathroom by introducing a few serene pieces, green leafy houseplants, bathtub and other fixtures of very neutral colors, floor rugs to give a softening touch, candles with calm and soothing scents, and many more little additions of your own choice. To create a home SPA you just have to make a few little switches and no need to make a major bathroom renovation. Yet, you can get the SPA relaxation every day.

10. Vintage and Classical Fixtures

Apart from Wallpaper and tiles in the bathroom, we believe that the fixtures – bathtubs, sink, cabinets, and toilet seats are the foundation of your bathroom area. Bathroom renovation in 2022 is more into classical and vintage fixture fittings instead of fancy-looking accessories. If you have a mediocre-looking bathroom then adding a set of Vintage sink cabinets along with a classical mirror on the wall can give your bathroom an amazing design.

11. Curved Mirrors

Although mirrors are a very minor accessory in a bathroom. Yet, the absence of it makes our bathroom incomplete. Another bathroom renovation design that is highly trending in 2022 is to have a modern round mirror. Those were the old days when people used to have a specific square or rectangular mirror with a frame on the outside. Nowadays, bathroom trends are all about having curves. An oval and round shaped mirror provides a more sense of space in your bathroom area and gives it a more sophisticated look. If you want to add something new to your bathroom space while renovating it then a huge round-oval mirror deserves a try.

12. High-Tech Bathrooms

As we all know that technology is becoming a lot more important in our day-to-day lives. As per the trending bathroom designs, homeowners are more interested to keep up their bathrooms with the latest technology options. You have a vast range of high-tech appliances available all over the world to choose from and make your bathrooms more convenient, safe, and waste-free with very affordable prices. You can now connect your bathroom gadgets with your smartphones and laptops to have full control over your bathroom. These high-tech bathroom trends include smart fixtures e.g. toilets that provide a more hygienic experience with an auto flush system and auto open/close lid when someone comes near the toilet seat. Another highly trending technology includes Auto heated floors. It is very important, especially in winter to maintain a specific temperature of your bathroom area as per your body’s requirement. Auto heated floor system allows the user to manage bathroom temperature from their smartphones before they arrive in it. There are many other options available to choose from which allow you to style your bathroom as per your preferences and convenience.

13. Self-Grooming Stations

The simplest and absolute way for bathroom remodeling in 2022 is to add a little more comfort through your accessories. If you want a good soak then a bathtub tray and shower wine glass could be all you need to make your experience more soothing.

These are the best of the bathroom ideas for 2022 that you can pick. We are certain that you must be wondering how to get the best bathroom redesign plan for your space. Well, here you go! You can reach IND Construction and we are pretty sure that we can provide you with the best bathroom renovation plans. Our team will execute nothing less than amazing and spectacular services.

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