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11 factors to consider while remodeling your bathroom!

Are you up to renovating your old bathroom to make it look all new? And parallelly worried about how to do it? What to do for it? Well, first you really have to be sure about whether you want to just update your bathroom or you wish to completely remodel it? Both the terms possess a lot of difference actually. 
A bathroom update is a quick and affordable project that enhance your bathroom’s existing look. An update includes tasks like painting, changing fixtures and hardware, and hanging a new shower curtain. Bathroom updates are perfect for homeowners who want to keep the existing layout and functionality of their bathroom and just wish to renew the old wearied off look.  

Whereas bathroom remodel might have a larger budget and longer timeline. The scope may include tasks that take several days to complete. Professionals are often required to safely finish remodeling projects according to local building codes. This may include remapping the bathroom as a whole and redoing it from scratch so that functioning also gets a complete update according to latest trends and facilities! For example, installing new ventilation systems or relocating plumbing or electrical features etc. One can also change the whole tile work or the tub system. Remodeling means actually redoing the whole bathroom aesthetically or functionally. 

The 11 most important factors to consider while remodeling your bathroom are:  

1. Calming and relaxing colors

While choosing colors for a bathroom always prefer smooth colors. Bathrooms with interiors done in calming, quiet and neutrals are always more attractive and less care demanding.
Use the rule of three as a guiding principle for creating a bathroom color scheme. Pick one neutral, one rich color, and one accent. To do it successfully, think about proportion and rely on a 70/20/10 distribution. Use the lightest color for roughly 70% of the bathroom’s decor, the second lightest for 20%, and the boldest for 10%.

Also, while choosing colors for a bathroom we have to consider water stains end easy to keep clean factors. Light colors reflect less water stains and are easy to be kept maintained and spotless all the time. Dark colors need more often cleaning.  

2. Vanity update to a modern version

The first thing that attracts in the bathroom is its vanity! The most frequently used spot of the bathroom can be glamorous enough to give your bathroom a decorative look and not too over done to make it look messy. You can choose single or double vanity, prefabricated or custom made, marbled or acrylic, but whatever kind of vanity you choose, important is, give it as much space as possible and keep it well decorated. Mirror styles, lighting, some decoration along with cosmetics you have to keep on shelf, some plant or flowers and voila! Your bathroom is all set to give a celebrity look!  

3. Lighting 

Talk about any corner of the house and lights come in mind in a flash. Exactly like other rooms, bathroom’s lighting is very important, as it can either make a space dull or bright. Prefer using more than one source of light and also try to drag in natural sun light as much as possible thorough window. Warm or yellow lights go well with light colors. Use special decorative lights around vanity mirrors to maximize the charm.  

4. Shower cabin 

Shower corner can be an open one or can be in a form of cabin. You can use prefabricated cabins which come with all fixtures and just need to be installed or you can make shower corner as a cabin by partitioning it with wall and glass work. Be it any kind if shower cabin, it needs a good drain, a nice tap and shower set. Choose shower head having multiple functions as it is the new trend.  

6. Bath tub 

Bath tub is a luxury indeed. If your washroom has enough space always prefer to have a bathtub. Bath tub and shower cabins, both can be accommodated separately as well.  
Bath tub are of various styles, single double, straight or corner, fixed, walk-in or open, and all of them add a definite luxurious look to your bathroom. 
Prefer light colors to the bath tub as they are a little difficult to maintain and light-colored tubs, like white, off-white, ivory, beige, etc. are relatively easy to maintain.  

7. Toilet 

A new toilet seat is an easy way to increase the efficiency of your bathroom without getting into any major overhauls. It’s also great for a mix of style and functionality. We recommend going with a low-flow toilet simply because it’s water-efficient. With these kind of seats, you can start saving on water and ultimately money right away. 
Some people prefer round bowls in terms of design, while others like elongated bowls or even shape cut-outs. Other than choosing shape you can also find many types as floor fixed, wall mounted, with attached water tank or wall mounted water tank. They also come in several color options and we recommend you to go for light colors for the same purpose.  

8. Bidet 

A bidet toilet is more comfortable to use than a traditional bathroom toilet. It provides a splash of water that can be varied in direction, temperature and intensity. While toilet paper can be abrasive, a bidet delivers a more soothing stream of water to sensitive areas. Wiping might not alone be sufficient and if you get the facility to wash and wipe dry afterwards, this helps maintaining a good hygiene and health. In some areas bidets are a must install and in some it is not preferred considering space and expense.   

9. Tiles 

Talking about a bathroom remodeling definitely, we have to talk about tiles too. No other flooring is considered the best but tiles when it comes to the walls and floors of the bathroom. From plain to printed, from polished to textured, from light to dark colors, from small to relatively larger sized, there any many options to choose from. It all depends of the color scheme and the overall interior of your washroom. You can choose what touches your heart.  
All what is more important is that the time installation shall be done in some expert hands. Poorly installed tiles turn a bathroom into a disaster in no time.  
Several considerations like the overall framing, water flow towards the drain, no stagnant corners, water proving, leakage control, are important and only experts can handle all this well.  

10. Plumbing 

The primary purposes of a plumbing system are to bring an adequate and potable supply of hot and cold water to the inhabitants of a house, and to drain all wastewater and sewage discharge from fixtures into the public sewer or a private disposal system. 
Most bathrooms require 5 water lines: a hot and cold line for both the bathtub/shower and the sink, and a cold-water line for the toilet. Each fixture and house are different, so hiring professional plumber services is the key to a smooth functioning bathroom.  

11. Ventilation 

A bathroom should be well ventilated to keep it less moist and dry in long run. This reduces mild growth or bad order factors. 
You can add air vents and exhausts to help create well-functioning ventilation system to any bathroom. Small bathrooms require more effective ventilation. 
Perhaps the biggest bathroom trend of the era is an emphasis on serene, smooth surfaces and understated, organic styles. Organic style emphasizes on natural colors and materials with plant addition to your bathroom decor. 

There’s no rule that every bathroom in your home has to be the same color or be decorated in the same style as of the main house. However, if you like a similar style throughout, it’s probably a classic style that will look beautiful in any bathroom. Renovating bathrooms is as much of an art as a whole house. 
Experts say you should update your bathroom every 7 -10 years. This is based on the general lifespan of bathroom products as they can become damaged through wear and tear. 

The greatest benefit of upgrading or remodeling your bathroom, is that it increases the value of your home. Not only do you get to enjoy the new bathroom for yourself, but you also get healthy return on your investment when you sell the property. 

We, IND Construction provide all services regarding a bathroom make or remake under one roof with best possible quality around the corner. We have a team of experts which make sure that you get the best reward for your investment in the bathroom remodel. Please feel free to contact us for your required bathroom remodeling services. 

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