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8 Ideas For Your Living Room In Winter

Winter season is just going on and this season brings relaxation from the busy routines with a series of festive occasions. After spending months on decorations like New Year decor and cocktail bars, Christmas trees, etc., you will feel your space empty after removing these decorations which can give you holiday blues. Therefore, most of the people want to keep their décor changes till spring so that they don’t have to wait till the spring season to feel festive again. The living room is one of the busiest rooms in our homes and becomes busier in winter seasons because of the cold weather outside, most people want to stay inside their homes and want to enjoy these festivals while staying in. Therefore, this time of the year demands a little bit of renovation which can make your lounge more cozy, presentable, and comfortable. But this renovation does not mean that you over-renovate your space by spending lots of money and making your space fully changed. Instead, you can make your surroundings more soothing by following the latest winter trends only.

Winter trends mostly include adding more bright, vibrant, cozy, warm, and pleasant colors and textures to your space. There are a number of budget options with which you can redesign your space either for the long run or just to go with the seasonal trend changes. That all depends on your requirements. In the article below, we are highlighting 8 trending and soothing options with flexible budget options to renovate your living area which can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

1. Winter demands Coziness

The best and most inexpensive way to give your lounge a feel of the winter season is to incorporate cozy vibes in it. As the winter season lasts only a few months, take this opportunity to feel cozier and warmer at your home. Making your space warm is not a high-budget activity and just involves a few additions such as including blankets and pillows over your couches, fragranced candles near the windows & on side tables near your couches and chairs, and lighting up your fireplace, etc. Adding these few simple elements will enhance the winter beauty of the space and give you a warm and soothing surrounding.

2. Renovate your Fireplace

A fireplace in your lounge always adds an extra classy interior touch to the space. As the hearth comes in use only for a few months and in other seasons it stays idle there, which can make it dusty, messy, and rusty sometimes. Therefore, in order to renovate your lounge for the winter season, it is very important to make your fireplace working, functional, and clean again. It is not compulsory to over-renovate your fireplace by throwing away the old fittings. You can simply clean the old fittings and remove the rust by using good-quality cleaning materials and by doing so, you can clearly add an extra layer of perfection to your already-built fireplace. If you do not have any budget constraints and can spend some funds to renovate your hearth, then it is recommended to change the tiles and update the molds which can make your lounge look more modern & sophisticated and will definitely give a comfy atmosphere.

3. Comforting Scents

Fragrances impact our minds in the same way as the physical interiors do and therefore require the same focus while renovating your space. But unfortunately, most people usually underestimate the impact of scents on the overall interior of the space. In order to give an overall warm and cozy environment to your living room in the winter season it is important to light up the scented candles or sticks with soothing fragrances. The choice of fragrance depends on the overall interior of the room. If your living room gives an old and classy look then lavender will be the most suitable fragrance and if you have opted for modern and fancy looks then sandalwood is the right choice. The selection of fragrance totally depends on your choice, and you can experience multiple combinations to analyze which fragrance is most suitable and gives you the coziest environment.

4. Colors that reflect the Season

Another amazing way to give your living room the ultimate vibe of the winter season is to add colors that reflect the weather perfectly. For example, the colors for the winter season include white, emerald, green, navy blue, ruby red, silver, and many more bright and vibrant colors. This is one of the most inexpensive options to go with as it does not involve any expensive renovation designs and materials. It only includes adding some fixtures and objects of winter shades such as yarn garlands and putting red, blue, or silver accessory items on the table. Also, you can add a classy white landscape picture highlighting snowfall and Christmas on one of the walls of your living room or in the fireplace area.

5. Soft Lighting Tones

Homeowners usually do not want to spend much on winter renovations that are permanent in nature, as they want to again make their space feel light and open in the coming spring season. Therefore, including some things which are neither permanent nor heavy on the pocket is the best way to increase the warmth and coziness of your living area in the winter season. For this, we highly recommend adding softer shades of light in your living area such as yellow and orange lights always add a warm feel to any space. Try replacing your white or any bright-colored lights with yellow and orange shades this winter to see the magic of ultimate warmness.

6. Heavy Curtains

A very important but completely underrated item to decorate your living space during the winter season is the Curtains. A set of woven fabric or heavy plush velvet curtains are an integral part of the winter decorations. These curtains will not only give a luxurious, warm wintery look but they will also act as insulation for your windows. This is true that around 35% to 45% of the internal heat leaks out through your windows in the winter season. Fit your curtains in a way that they are installed above your window frame and touch your floor, which means there should be no gaps for the air to pass by your windows. Such curtains do not provide insulation for heat only but also provide absorption against sound. Also, if you fit your curtains in the right way i.e., attaching the curtain rod to the ceiling instead of just above the window then interior designers believe that it makes your roof appear big and higher than it actually is.

7. Use of Outdoor

If you have an outdoor area or patio along with your living room, then you can take the best advantage of this space in the winter season. This requires a little investment, but the results will be outstanding, and your money will not be wasted at all. In order to make the best use of your outdoor space, you need to prepare it fully to convert it into a warm and cozy sitting area. These preparations include building a shelter, installing a fire pit, or adding an electric heater. Do not forget to add light-toned small fairy lights along with chairs made of soft cushions and with lots of pillows and blankets. With these preparations, you and your friends & family can easily gather around here and enjoy some fresh air even in the cold evenings of the winter season.

8. Use of Natural Materials

Decorating your living room with some natural materials and textures has a very calming and relaxing impact on the human mind and body, no matter what season it is going on. Adding some green plants, raw wood materials, pinecones and other pieces from the natural resources in your living room is the best way to take some of the outdoor vibes in during the cold winter mornings and evenings. If you want to bring more natural texture and vibes inside your home, then we highly recommend involving natural fixtures and materials in your home while construction such as natural and pure wooden cabinets and tiles etc.

In the article above, we have highlighted a few points which make it very clear that winters are not supposed to be gloomy at all, instead they just need to be warm and cozy. The above-mentioned simple tricks can make it easy for you as well as for your pocket to make your living room more comfortable to stay inside in the winter season. If you want to redecorate your living room this winter season, then IND Construction is the right choice to contact with. As IND Construction has a creative team of Interior Designers having years of experience in dealing with high as well as low-budget winter living room décors.

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