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7 Ways To Increase the Value Of Your House In 2023

If you are considering selling your home property at some point in the near future, then there must be hundreds of questions in your mind like:
What will be the best time in the market to sell it?
What is the current worth of my home property?
Do I need any real estate agent to help me?
What are property’s ups and downs right now in the market?
Do I need to redesign my space to get a good hike in sale value? Etc.

Every homeowner may have a different perspective while looking at their property value before selling. Some may grab a set of instruments to repair a few non-functional areas of their space, while others will call some real estate agents to get an idea about their property value and any renovations if required. It is very important to present a fully functional and attractive space to buyers in order to sell your property in the competitive real estate market of Los Angeles, California. At times when buyers are looking at multiple property options to purchase, every homeowner or seller wishes to make their property most attractive in the eyes of buyers for all the right reasons.

In the article below, we will take you through a number of options with which you can make your property near to turnkey levels as much as possible. A turnkey home is basically a ready-to-use space where buyers can shift their furniture and belongings immediately and start to live without the requirement of doing any initial renovations. By doing some renovations or improvements to your property before selling, you will not only get a good resale value but also such renovations will make you able to attract a large number of potential buyers in the market. As most buyers do not want to put extra effort or money into their purchased property after going through the extensive procedures of property purchase.

1. Make Your Exterior Look Better

The very first thing that every buyer will notice is the condition of the property’s exterior. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that your property looks perfect both inside and outside. Any property with a nasty, broken, or bad appearance will not attract buyers easily and will definitely not get good resale value. If you are looking to give an instant hike in your property value and do not want to spend a lot, then putting a fresh coat of paint is a wise option to go with. It will not only increase the value of your property but also will give a fresh, new, shiny, modern, and more attractive look to potential buyers. Furthermore, along with a fresh coat of paint, homeowners should also inspect for any noticeable sign of exterior damage. For example, fresh coating may be required to fill the gaps in brick walls, Wooden wall panels may require replacement, and much more. Such small upgrades will make your property look all new without any major renovations.

2. Interior Flooring

As soon as the buyers enter the door to inspect the main residence, the first thing that they will notice is the condition of the floor. All buyers expect home floors to be neat and clean, fresh looking, and modern because renovating or replacing the floor is an expensive task that every buyer wants to avoid. If you have old, messy, or dusty carpets over your floors then these will not do any wonders for you, and you will have to replace them with more modern-looking and attractive carpets. Also, carpets will only give an instant impression while every buyer will examine the floor condition below the carpets. Therefore, keep in mind to fix all the defects in your flooring before inviting any buyers. Hard wooden floors are always in trend and give a modern look all the time. So, if you are thinking of replacing your home flooring then wood or wooden tiles are suitable options.

3. Kitchen Improvements

Kitchens are one of the busiest segments in any home and therefore all buyers want to have a fully functional, operative, and useful kitchen that comprises a good drainage system, better quality taps that do not get rusted quickly, nice and spacious cupboards, and kitchen counters. The most common mistake that sellers make before inviting buyers to show their place is that they upgrade their kitchen space with more fancy-looking stuff instead of more useful stuff. Such upgrades will look more glamorous, shiny, and modern but there is a high chance that these upgrades will turn off major buyers as they will automatically think that the place is far fancier and will definitely be expensive. Therefore, it is recommended that instead of making your kitchen space fancier, just renovate it to make it look more neat and clean, tidy, attractive, and most importantly more useful for the buyers.

4. Bathroom and Toilet Upgrades

As mentioned in the kitchen upgrades, homeowners also go with over-upgrading of the bathroom area and toilets with all new tubs, taps, tiles, and sinks before selling. If your bathroom is already properly functional with no broken tiles or fixtures and gives a nice and decent appearance, then there is no need to waste your time and money on such renovations as they will cost more and add less value to your property. Small restoration can help you to upgrade the appearance such as changing the fuse lights, cleaning the bath area and toilet fixtures with good cleaning material that can vanish old stains, cleaning up the exhaust fan, and repair of any broken tile or fixture. And, if your bathroom is in so bad condition that complete renovation is the only way out then we recommend you go with more aesthetic color schemes for tiles and toilet fixtures and install more energy-efficient materials, fittings, and models.

5. Home Foundations and Roof

The internal foundation and structure of a home is not as visible at first look as other factors, but at later stages of sale finalization, a poor home inspection report can cancel your deal at the very last moment and will cost you even more at that point. Therefore, it is recommended to appoint a professional home inspector before calling any buyers to inspect the internal foundation and roof structure of your property completely and properly so that you can make any restructuring or repair on a timely basis. Buyers always want to be a hundred percent sure that the property they are buying is safe, flawless, and will last longer.

6. Energy Efficient Home

These days’ people are getting more eco-friendly and are more interested in putting money into more Energy efficient properties. Investing in making your property more power efficient is the best way to enhance your home value as buyers prefer to buy those properties which offer savings in their utilities. There are a number of costly as well as lower-cost ways to improve overall energy efficiency for your home. For Example, installing a temperature thermostat can help the homeowner to control their property’s temperature while sitting on the couch or while enjoying their holidays far from home. Installing LED Bulbs, replacing old-fashioned windows with more energy-efficient glass and material, adding more energy-efficient home appliances, installing better insulations and many more are some of the ways to improve the power and energy efficiency of your home. Such tech improvements can give a noticeable and strong hike in selling price. Also, showing an Energy-Efficient Audit Report at the time of the buyer’s visit can make your buyers trust your space more for investment.

7. Restore Bad Gutters 

One of the main causes of bad moisture in the home is the blockage of gutters. The non-functionality of gutters can even lead to home structural issues, foundation problems, roof damage and mold in walls. Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean out your gutters at least two times in the fall season and also two times in the spring season. Before inviting any buyers to get an offer, homeowners should make sure their gutters along with the gutter lids and drainage system are properly functional and neat & clean. Because, if any buyer notices it or highlights it then it will result in much lower sale offers.

We hope that the above points will help you to get an idea about small improvements which can make a great difference for you while setting a sales price for your home. The list doesn’t limit it here and there are a number of other small as well as big developments with which you can make your property more welcoming and ultimately you will be able to attract more buyers. IND Construction is involved in such projects and doing such renovations for years to improve overall property’s value. You can contact IND Construction and our team will be all yours to help you first analyze your property’s condition and then they will recommend necessary improvements as required and obviously, within your budget limits!

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Thomas Clarence
8 months ago

You made a good point when you talked about how buyers want a home that is safe and flawless. If you are wanting to sell your home, it could be a good idea to have your roof replaced right before you place it on the market. I would think that people are going to be more attracted to a home that has a brand-new roof.

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