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Remodeling Your Home Backyard – 9 Useful Ideas

In most cases, when homeowners start planning out the renovation of their homes, backyards are the last areas to which they allocate time and money. This is true that we spend most of our time inside our homes but leaving the backyard in a dirty and messy condition can negatively impact your home’s overall atmosphere. Whereas renovating or keeping your outdoor area neat and clean provides a healthy environment and a profitable hike in the overall property value. Remodeling the inner home space and leaving the patio as it is, can impact the overall raise of the property value which homeowners can otherwise earn if they include outdoor renovation in their remodeling plan. Renovating your backyard or garden area looks expensive but it is not always as expensive as it is considered. There are a lot of low-cost and economical renovation ideas which can make your outdoor space look amazing.

As all homeowners do not have a huge backyard or outdoor space to renovate but if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space of whatever size then our below analysis will definitely be helpful to make your remodeling imaginations clearer. Our article will guide you with some spectacular and budget-friendly ideas which can make your smaller outer space look bigger and make your backyard more useful in your daily routine.

1. Outdoor Kitchen

A cooking point outside your home is one of the top wishes of many homeowners in California. It provides a great enhancement in overall property value and makes your outer space look more luxurious and charming. Backyard kitchens usually demand more investment and are recommended for a little bigger space. As homeowners need to install more than one counter area for preparing the party and cooking stuff, a nearby sink is also mandatory for washing fruits, vegetables, meat, and other things, a ceiling fan to make your cooking enjoyable in hot weather, and a fire pit to make your experience comfortable in cool conditions. In order to add all these, it is important to install proper electrical and mechanical connections to make all the fixtures work perfectly. The installation of a big screen to enjoy gaming and match nights will be a cherry on top for your outdoor kitchen space.

2. Vegetable Garden

Normally, homeowners put floral plants in their backyard area to give a refreshing and beautiful look to their outside area. As per the latest renovations trends, homeowners are moving towards more productive and beneficial garden makeovers. Instead of only putting floral plants, backyards now include vegetable plants and herbs. Especially for those who are more interested in making healthy and organic meals, it is the best option for them to grow their own herbs and vegetables. Turning your backyard into a mini herb garden is less costly and demands more physical exercise. All you have to do is to prepare your soil as per the specific herbs that you wish to plant and put some boundary boxes to distinguish between multiple vegetable plants. The physical activity which people do in order to plant seeds or handpick vegetables is healthy and beneficial for both i.e., for the mind and for the body.

3. Seating Area

As we all know, California has perfect weather conditions to spend time outside your home. Many homeowners look out for some amazing ways to remodel their outdoor area in a way that gives an inviting and comforting look to their guests to have an evening tea or snack with a peaceful mind. No matter what size your backyard is, renovating it into a calm and pleasant seating area is the best option to go with. If you already have a good-looking grass area in your backyard, then you can simply add a set of outdoor tables with a few simple chairs and you are good to hang out or spend some quality time with your family and friends.

4. Backyard Lighting

It is very important to choose the right tones of lighting while remodeling your backyard. Placing the right sets of lights can make your place more lightened up and attractive so that you can spend peaceful moments at any time of the day or night. There are a lot of options for outdoor lighting available in the market to choose from, i.e., from small fairy lights to big bulbs and lamps. We always recommend installing different types and sets of lights so that you have multiple options as per the situation. Whether you have a barbeque evening, movie, or gaming night, you should have a perfect brightness to make your experience more comforting and memorable.

5. Backyard Pool

In California, the addition of a pool or fountain during backyard renovations is a considerable option to upgrade your backyard appearance. Such additions make your outdoor evenings more enjoyable, especially in summer, as it provides a cooling impact to outer space. Also on a hot summer day, nothing is more tempting and attractive than a cold soak-in with your loved ones. After a whole tiring day, these installed features can provide moments of relaxation and pleasure. Also, such installations are not heavy on your pocket and are available with flexible budget and space options. To make it more luxurious and attractive, you can also add one or more poolside chairs to sit and relax.

6. Outdoor Fire Pits

Installing a Fire Pit in your backyard area is one of the finest ways to enjoy your vacant space to the fullest. A fire pit can provide a cozy environment in the cold evenings of summer and in the winter season, it provides the best opportunity to plan a hangout or evening seating with your family and friends in your backyard space. Installation of a fire pit is an inexpensive option and comes with both options i.e., Movable Fire Pits as well as fixed Fire Pits. A moveable fire pit allows you to move it anywhere in your backyard space and lit it in any place where you feel comfortable. While on the other hand, you can build a fixed fire pit with cement and concrete or stones of your choice.

7. Dog Run Area

Every homeowner wishes to renovate their backyard area in a way that can compete with the changing outdoor trends in the market. The simplest and easiest way to utilize your outdoor space is to build a separate sectioned-out fence for your dog to run, play and have a peaceful resting time. Installing a separate space for your dog also helps you to keep the rest of the lawn and plants safe from dog attacks. In Los Angeles, California there are a number of fencing options available that guarantee a guarded, clean, and long-lasting exterior so that you can stay relaxed after putting your dog into it. So, if you are considering multiple options regarding backyard renovation then you should make sure to keep your fluffy companion in mind.

8. Lawn and Steppingstones

One of the simplest ways to immediately upgrade the look of your backyard area is to turn it into a lively, fresh, and natural-looking lawn area. For this purpose, you can go with natural grass as well as artificial grass matting along with multiple small and big-sized natural or artificial plants. Also, you can make your lawn area more attractive by adding a few stone footsteps. These stones are quite inexpensive and give a more natural and aesthetic outer look. There are a wide variety of stones and grass matting available in the market for you to choose from. These stone steps not only help to show the pathway of your home to foot traffic but also keep your natural as well as artificial grass matt and plants safe by restricting your guests from walking directly on your lawn area.

9. Outdoor Paint

Last but not the least, if you are planning to go with the most inexpensive and effortless backyard renovation then simply cleaning the space and putting a fresh touch of paint on the outdoor walls is the best option to go with. Fresh outdoor paint always acts like face lifting for the property or in other words, it is just like going to the restroom to give some fresh touch-ups to your makeover. A fresh coat of paint on your outdoor walls not only gives a new, charming, and attractive look to the space but also gives a hike in your property value and offers more attractive returns on your investment.

In our above article, we have highlighted a few exciting options for backyard remodeling, but the options are unlimited, and IND Construction is available to guide you through all the possible options. It is always recommended to keep in mind the location of your property while planning the outdoor exterior. Renovations according to the locations, yearly weather circumstances, and other outdoor conditions give homeowners the ultimate benefit of increased property value when it comes to selling their property. IND Construction has a number of experienced outdoor designers and architects who have dealt with a number of backyard and outdoor renovation projects of multiple sizes and outdoor conditions. We can guide you from your planning stage to the final execution.

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