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Floor Remodeling – Dos & Dont’s

Enhancing the look of your living space is not just exciting but also becomes very profitable. Giving your home or any place an improvement in the overall look makes it more appealing to the eye of the observer and hence increases the overall property value in monetary terms. One of the most constructive and successful ways to make your space as per the latest trends is to transform or redo the flooring areas. The floor is basically the most important and fundamental exterior part of any place which should be planned with patience and care as the layout of the whole room or space depends on the reliability of the floor. Most of the time, floors are subject to a lot of deterioration as we move a lot of furniture and fixtures of heavy nature on it, accidentally drops a lot of heavy as well as light materials over it and most importantly we walk over it with our dirty shoes all the time and much more which can result in wear and tear of floors very early. Therefore, it is very important to choose your flooring options very wisely and it is better to choose a tough flooring material so that it does not show marks of decaying too quickly.
In the article below, we highlighted a few Dos and Don’ts for you to consider, for either renovating an old flooring area or installing a completely new one. This article will surely be useful for you and give you a positive perspective on saving your money and floor-look for longer periods.

Flooring Dos:

1. Do Consider Area’s Climate

It is very important to consider the climate of the area where you are planning to build or renovate your flooring space. Different climates have different kinds of impacts on the flooring material. If you are planning your renovation in an area where there are defined seasons of the year, then you have the option to choose from a wide range of flooring materials available on the market. But if your remodeling space exists in an area where there are extreme weather conditions then it is important to choose flooring material while keeping in mind the extreme weather. For example, if your renovation place exists in a very humid environment then it is not feasible to go for laminate flooring or wood flooring as extremely humid conditions will result in bumps or inflammation of wood. For such places, you can simply go with tile flooring.

2. Do Different Flooring Styles

Most people consider that it is important to choose the same flooring material for all house flooring. This is not true, as with the changing interior trends you can combine various flooring materials and colors for different rooms. However, you should be careful and creative while mixing different colors and patterns. As floor renovation lasts for years, it is important to keep it in a way that can match the changing trends. As per the latest interior trends, designers are recommending smoother and more elegant color schemes and patterns, as such selections give a wider and more open look to the space.

3. Do Consider Options that suit your lifestyle

It is very important to keep your daily lifestyle in mind while choosing a specific flooring material. We are highlighting a few factors which should be considered while selecting.

  • Whether the renovation area goes through high foot traffic or not?
  • What is the purpose of the room? Is it a living room, dining area, guest room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom?
  • Is any family member of your home allergic to any specific kind of flooring material?
  • Does your home have kids or pets to walk on renovated floor area?
  • Is the area exposed to direct sunlight or humid conditions?

As every homeowner has a different kind of lifestyle and routine, it is essential to decide while keeping in mind your specific conditions and do discuss your daily lifestyle or routine with your contractor or designer. So that they can recommend flooring stuff as per your requirement.

4. Do Choose Eco-Friendly Flooring

The capacity of our planet to provide natural resources is decreasing day by day and this is the reason that people are shifting towards more sustainable and renewable products. This change has had a drastic impact on the flooring industry in the past few years. Eco-friendly flooring materials are made up of renewable substances and are produced in a more responsible way for the environment. Such new processes require less use of energy for timber production and also producers make sure that carbon dioxide levels are kept at lower sides. Some of the eco-friendly flooring options include:

  • Bamboo flooring
  • Oak flooring
  • Pine flooring

and much more. By using Eco-friendly material, you can have a shiny and soothing floor look and on the other hand, you can help the environment to sustain its natural resources and survive.

Flooring Don’ts:

1. Do not choose Cheap Quality Flooring Materials

Renovations are mostly heavy on your pocket and homeowners always look out for some places to cut costs. One place where homeowners should not compromise on quality and not go for cheap materials is the flooring area. With the increasing demand for fabulous interiors and multiple flooring trends in the market, the market is now full of different types of flooring materials. The origins of these materials are not specified, and this can make homeowners pay for such stuff which is shiny looking but not durable in the longer run. Therefore, it is recommended to buy your flooring materials from some creditable and well-recognized retailers who can give you the best and most reliable product. And thus, you can enjoy the finest returns in the longer periods.

2. Do not ignore the cost of flooring accessories

One of the major reasons that the flooring budget gets out of control is the absence of the cost of flooring accessories in the budget working. These accessories include cement and binder for tiles, the cost of relocating the furniture, delivery charges for flooring material, carpet padding, and much more. At the time of actual execution, such surprises not only result in additional costs and disturb your forecasted budget but also put flooring projects on hold and result in a lot of time wastage. As it is always not possible to forecast each and every little expense therefore in order to avoid such instances, it is always recommended to add a 15% cost margin in your budget working for such miscellaneous expenses and at least 25% for unpredictable installation expenses. Such margins will help you to avoid costly surprises in the future.

3. Do Not Choose the Wrong Flooring Material for a Room

It is essential to choose the best flooring material as per the purpose of the area. For this, homeowners should consider the room traffic and atmosphere before choosing and buying flooring materials. The areas of the house such as the kitchen, bathroom, and washing area are the moist and most humid areas of the home and therefore it is not suitable to place wooden tiles in such areas. Also, the floor of the kid’s room needs to be long-lasting and mark resistant. Therefore, it is recommended to place patterned rugs in the kid’s room so that the routine spills and mud marks are not prominently visible. For heavy foot traffic areas such as the lounge and dining area, never go for the soft interior which is subject to easy scratches. By choosing the right kind of flooring material for a specific area, homeowners can save a lot on future floor maintenance and replacement costs.

4. Do Not Set Unrealistic Renovation Timelines

One of the frustrating elements while executing renovations is not to meet with the decided timelines. Homeowners should always keep in mind that it is very unrealistic to practically meet the forecasted deadlines and there will always be some delays. There will be a lot of unforeseen circumstances which will cause the deadline to shrink or maybe homeowners will have to wait several weeks more to get a final and ready-to-use space. Therefore, it is recommended to add a cushion for early work completion or delayed execution while making your floor remodeling plan so that both the parties i.e., the homeowners and the installers can finish their work with a less stressed mind throughout the whole project.

In the above analysis, we have highlighted a few Dos and Don’ts for you which should be kept in mind while renovating your floor area. IND Construction is one of the most experienced and reliable sources to provide you with all the information regarding floor renovations. Our team of experts understands very well how precious your property is and IND Construction always makes sure to provide you with the best advice and service.

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